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Phase I - Our Services

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Settled Inn Village will provide permanent independent and individual housing. Each resident will have a tiny house they will rent on a monthly basis governed by a standard rental agreement.

Residents will be responsible for providing for their basic needs of food and clothing. They will be supported by living in a community setting where they can share their strengths of their neighbors and provide strength to their neighbors.

This social sharing is unlike any current housing options for this group of people in the state.

This would be Louisiana’s only Tiny Village offering permanent supportive long-term housing in a community setting.Other local shelters available are the Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission and Salvation Army which only offer short term housing opportunities.

Our Services

In the Village setting, transportation needs for socialization and support are eliminated. The necessary services are offered on site. Needed affordable recreation activities are accessible. The Village setting also provides protection for vulnerable populations from violence and exploitation.

Our Vision is to provide 100 tiny homes

Each home will have a bed; mini kitchen of small refrigerator, microwave, sink and cabinet space; small desk area, bathroom consisting of shower and toilet; and closet.Ten homes will be grouped in together around a central kitchen, public toilet and laundry facility.There will be a common gathering space designated for socialization, group meals and interaction. Each of these groups of ten tiny homes will all be supported by a main central building.Within the central building will be administrative office space, mailboxes, a convenience store for incidentals and areas for work activities that allow the earning of dignified income. Support services such as medical, psychological, substance abuse treatment and prevention and life skills training will also be housed here.

Individualized Needs Coordination

Each client must actively participate in a program of personal growth. Case Managers will formulate Individualized Needs Coordination Plans with the client. Based on the needs, coordinated care would be arranged for each client to provide structured classes and to support the clients in their lifestyle choices. The areas that will be addressed are:

· Personal development and planning

· Vocation development

· Substance abuse prevention

· Interpersonal skill development

· Personal and spiritual development

· Community involvement

· Creative leisure activities/celebration

· Independent living enhancement

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