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The following personnel will be needed. Initially personnel will serve in more then one capacity as the Village grows. Funding and need will determine the expansion of each position.

Executive Director

Oversees all aspects of the project

Administrative Assistant

Reports to the Executive Director

Financial manager 

Will implement and execute internal controls for funding and cash disbursement

Property Manager

Oversees leases, rent collection, maintenance of property

Work force coordinator

Initially will establish dignified work projects. As each project stabilizes and grows, there will be an individual overseeing each specific area with the coordinator directing them.  The duties will involve work contracts and financial oversite

Volunteer coordinator

Train, monitor and arrange for volunteers

Case Management Coordinator

Oversees personnel services needed by each client and coordinates the various services offered such as medical, addiction treatment services, psychological counseling, life skills training


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Shreveport, LA 71135


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Tel: 318-220-0803

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